The Facility Advisory of Citizens, Teachers and Students (FACTS) Committee members selected to include a thorough cross-section of the community, including parents and non-parents, young adults and senior citizens as well as district staff, business owners and community leaders. The committee will meet over the course of several weeks, study the district’s current educational facilities and financial information and come to a final recommendation for the Board of Trustees to consider.


The committee’s efforts will be led by committee-elected co-chairs and some WISD administrators, Board of Trustee Facilities Subcommittee and district consultants will serve in an advisory (non-voting) role on the committee.


The charge of the Committee is:

• To represent the entire community in the bond planning process

• To review and prioritize the facility needs of WISD

• To bring forward a plan to the WISD Board of Trustees that will include recommendations as to what should be included and how much money should be requested in a possible May 2015 bond election


Ashtin Ballard

Emma Beaird

Donna Black

Amy Bonnett

Linda Bourland

Lisa Coleman

Amy Crippen

Carrie Ellis

Brad Goss

Dr. Tim Huggins

Dr. Zane Kemp

Brian Lixey

Kelley Long

Frank Martin

Rick McKinney

Leo Neely

Prissy Neely

Ramalou Prince

Zan Prince

Michele Snow

James Tate

Courtney Taylor

John Thielepape

Clif Tramel

Amy White

Lorri Williams

Trey Woodard